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Beyond Beauty School Class Preparation

Get ready to take your skills to the next level! To get the most out of your learning experience, you’ll need to know what to bring and how to prepare.

* License required. The only exception would be a graduate who has already taken their test and is just waiting for the license to come.

Smiles are required for entering

  • Dress Code:
    • Clothing must be appropriate for working while standing, seated and bending
  • Classes start and end on time:
    • Attendees are expected to arrive 15 minutes before start time
    • Doors are locked at start time and will not reopen until the first scheduled break (usually 45 minutes after start time)
  • Food:
    • Lunch and snacks are catered
    • Any food restrictions must be noted when payment is made

Tools To Bring

  • Cutting Class:
    • Scissors

    • 2 combs (different sizes)

    • at least 8 clips (not clamps)

    • note taking materials

    • medium round brush

    • flat brush for blow drying (ex: Denman or Paul Mitchell 413)

    • phone or other device with room available for videos

  • Color Technique Class:
    • at least 8 clips

    • at least 2 clamps

    • tool for sectioning hair (rat tail or chopstick)

    • brush for removing tangles

    • note taking materials

    • phone or other device with room available for videos

  • Color Formulations Class:
    • note taking materials

    • colored pens or pencils for drawing

  • Tools Provided:
    • mannequins and stands

    • color bowls, brushes, bottles

    • color/lightener/color block

    • note sheets with head shapes