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Beyond Beauty School: Endorsements

Hear what some of RaMona’s peers and successful stylists have to say about her training.

Providing techniques for practical application

~ Kelly Cardenas

RaMona, is one of the most influential figures in my career in the professional beauty industry. She has an innate way of recognizing potential, encouraging growth, and most importantly providing techniques for practical application. This combination is unheard of in our industry and that is why RaMona should be celebrated at the highest level and sought after with reckless abandon. I was fortunate enough at the beginning of my career to be in her presence. Her support and encouragement of my dreams gave me the strength to add action to my desires and begin to construct the life I was purposed to live. RaMona’s role as an educator comes second to her genuine care and love of people! Her selfless heart is focused on helping everyone she encounters to be the best version of themselves! Although I still have a lot to learn, I am so thankful that she was able to see my ultimate potential as opposed limited reality.

One of the most influential trainers

~Rhonda Kelly

RaMona has been one of the most influential trainers in my lifetime & career. She has helped me advance technically, professionally and personally since the first time we met. RaMona has a wonderful way of recognizing how to help others grow at just the perfect way that is comprehendible and relatable. She goes above and beyond a trainer, she truly cares about nurturing the industry, the individual, the heart and the soul.

Enlist with a coach that can help

~ Stephanie Kocielski

Hairdressing is a full-time sport why not enlist with a coach that can help! Tune into BBS with RaMona and set yourself up for career success.

One of the most influential trainers

-Winn Claybaugh
-Dean, Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell Schools
-Author of Be Nice (Or Else!)
July 23, 2019

To Whom It May Concern:

The world of business is notorious for acknowledging individuals who seem to use smoke and mirrors to portray their success; one only has to dig deeper to discover the façade. RaMona Callahan’s success is real on many levels. To me, a true leader is someone who can get the job done along with the efforts of other people who gladly and confidently follow. RaMona’s leadership is not the “old school” method of dictating, controlling, and policing. Rather, she has a magical way of inspiring and encouraging the people around her to sign on to whatever it takes to get the job done.

I have been aware of RaMona’s success with her own salon, as well as the training he shares with others, and she is spot on. In addition to those skills, I find RaMona to be humble, focused, and funny. How many people can say that about the people they work with or work for? Lastly, as a leader RaMona is one of those rare few who understands the value of continued personal learning and growth. Her quest for knowledge is marked with humility and passion—what a gift.

Years ago in hiring or working with someone, I listed necessary qualifications that included job experience, extensive education, etc. Although those factors are still important, I now look for and request, “Just give me nice, happy people!” When someone is mean and bitter, I don’t care how much talent or experience they have, I cannot work with him or her. RaMona is a sincere pleasure to be around, and she goes out of his way to bring everyone up to her level of focus and passion.

Winn Claybaugh

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RaMona Callahan, Paul Mitchell Master Associate, is known for her passionate advocacy of the industry. She has a heart for new hairdressers who desire a successful career behind the chair.