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how to make money

How to Make Money

Great cutting skills, amazing color designs, unbelievable consulting, and knowing what to do with these talents are the basis of our careers as hairdressers, cosmetologists, or any other name we call ourselves.

Knowing how to make money is a whole different ingenuity. Like riding a bicycle, it’s easy once you know how. Like housework or exercise, it’s beautiful until you stop.

Increasing opportunities and keeping up with it all is teachable and applicable in a system of discipline. Understanding how to use information available to us like our statistics is only the beginning of this discussion. This interactive workshop provides motivation, inspiration and instruction in the areas many of us find daunting. Add this two-hour after dinner rally to your class package. In a casual, non-competitive environment, learn to “Keep Score and Do More.” 

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How to Make Money: Add on: $50 

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